My Little Blonde China Doll

Friday, June 25, 2010

I told Britain I wanted to take her on a date tonight.

She was so excited!

She rushed upstairs immediately and changed into a blue dress and then locked herself in the bathroom for half-an-hour to comb her hair and “put on her make-up” (lipgloss).
She packed her purse with all the necessities needed for an hour-and-a-half away from home and selected her church shoes for the occasion.
The local Chinese buffet was her choice.
She couldn’t have been more pleased if we’d dined at the Ritz Carlton.
Her first serving was a plate piled high with sesame chicken and rice.
She returned for seconds. An assortment of watermelon, peaches and jello.
And then the dessert line drew her attention. When she settled down with a third heaping bowl of ice-cream, I asked our waiter for the check.
…but she was far from done.
Britain again strolled through the buffet and returned carrying a bowl laden with rice and coconut chicken…….and proceeded to polished it off completely.
Then another bowl of rice
Then another!
If not for the blonde hair and blue eyes, I would have to assume there were Asian roots somewhere.
And did I mention three glasses of Sprite to temper the soy sauce?
Her fortune cookie had a fitting proverb.
“Dont be afraid of competition”.
I challenge anyone to out-eat this little chop-stick!
We had the best time, my Britain and I.
But Im pretty sure the kids price for the buffet will be an additional $2 when we go next time.

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