Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We’ve been blessed by the relationships that have been forged through our blog.  You all have faithfully walked with us through the heart journey….babies….miscarriage….moves….transition….good, bad and ugly.  You’ve prayed us through some dark nights and kindly offered friendship as we’ve waded through some deep waters and walked some lonely roads.  You have cheered us on, dirtied your knees on our behalf and rejoiced with us in answered prayer.  For your support and encouragement, we are humbly grateful!

What was started as a way to keep family and friends informed of our sweet Evie’s struggle as we journeyed through the hardest chapter of our life while navigating the “club” we never wanted to be part of with congenital heart defects and subsequent medical issues following her heart surgery, has in years since, grown into a family journal of sorts.  Our Evangeline Shalom for whom this new blog was named has been the impetus for a theme God continues to weave into our lives.  Shalom means Peace and through the fragility of her heart and the transitions of our lives, God continues to teach us peace in the storm and is drawing us to dwell in that perfect shalom….perfect peace found in Him!

With the arrival of our 8th family member Gigi, now nearly 3 years ago, it became apparent that we’d outgrown our “seventh smith” title.  And so, we are moving!!  With excitement, we launch a new comprehensive site to consolidate the many facets of our crazy life and busy family.  Take a peek around.  We don’t want to loose anything (or anyone) with this move, so please consider “liking” our Facebook page to get notifications of updates.  We hope you’ll continue to check in and share this exciting adventure with us!

Special thanks to my very talented and creative brother Isaac for designing the site….and for pushing me to branch out!

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