Motorcades and Princesses

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
I missed posting last night due to the fact that I was a bit preoccupied celebrating the BIRTHday of this handsome little man until 1:00am.

Attending this birth was one for the Bangkok memoirs….
After laboring at the home for a few hours, we decided she was progressing pretty quickly and that we needed to head to the hospital.  Being that it was gridlock traffic in the middle of evening rush hour traffic, this momma got some special treatment…..our taxi rolled down his window and signaled a nearby police officer…….resulting in a police motorcade escort!
Blue flashing lights.
The whole shebang!
It was like the parting of the red sea folks!  Super impressive!  The police even got off his bike and helped usher the laboring mom into the hospital!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

We have friends visiting from India who arrived laden with gifts.  Indian princess dresses for all the girls!!  Oh my!!  You should have heard all the squeals of delight at the gorgeous sequins, netting and tassels.  Oh, and bangles….lots of bangles!!
Absolutely stunning ensembles.
Our friend Hannah has bravely been holding her own amongst a housefull of girls and they are loving having a REAL Indian princess in our home!

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