Morning Glory

Saturday, July 16, 2011
I absolutely love watching this little cherub wrapped in slumber.  
Even her delicate rosebud lips are at rest.
Eyes laden with sleep…not a care in the world.
Oh that we all slept so soundly with such peace and security!
She is still at such an easy stage.  She’s not exactly on a schedule, but thats because, we arent either!  Its summer and our days are revolving around splash pad outings, pool playdates and lakeside picnics.  Naptime works in and around our coming and going.  She just goes with the flow.  She loves her carseat and generally naps really well on the go.  She lives in the Baby Bjorn and sleeps soundly tucked next to my heart while I do my thing.  I even strap her on for my evening exercise on a stationary bike and she sleeps through it.
She’s a fantastic night time sleeper too.  I cant complain.  God knew we needed a peaceful, easy going baby.  Since about 2 weeks old, she’s been waking only once at night to eat.  She and I are often still snuggled in bed at 8:00am.  She’s like her momma…not such a morning person.  Watching her bathed in mornings first light…warm with snuggles, stretching and yawning and eager to nurse is a beautiful way to start the day!
One of the benefits of being daughter number 5 is….hand-me-downs.
Well, a blessing and a curse I guess.  By the time they make it to #5, they are a bit threadbare and faded, but Gigi’s not too concerned about that just yet.  Ive had fun looking back at pictures of big sisters in the same outfits at the same age.  So I thought a guessing game might be in order.
Want to take a guess at which sisters are dressed in the same outfits?
Here’s your only hint…Gabriella is on the left in both pictures.  

  • Rebecca says:

    Sweet little miss! Can’t wait to get some time with y’all this week! You know this is a very special age to me…;)

    So for the guesses…The first one is throwing me off…and then I go back and forth on the second one between Izzy and Evie although I don’t remember Evie having that much hair. I need to keep studying them…

  • Trini says:

    She’s so adorable!!! The first sister looks like Izzy or Britain…and I can’t really tell on the second!

  • Lara says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Lara says:

    I think it’s Izzy. Evie never looked like that – she always had this bright-eyed stare! And I can’t imagine Abi or Britain with dark hair!! Seriously, why are most of the blogs I read BABY blogs???

  • Raymond says:

    Ummm… How many times can you say “snuggle” in a post? lol 😛

    Britain is the top. Izzy is the bottom.

  • Zoe Love says:

    I can’t believe you able to work out while wearing her! To funny!

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