Wednesday, October 16, 2013
We were warned about the floodwaters and torrential downpours that happen between April and October here in Thailand. 
Its the rainy season.  
Monsoon season.
As someone who loves thunderstorms, I took the doomsday advice in stride.
No biggie.  We will light candles.  Make pop corn.  And wait out the storms.
All well and good if you dont have anywhere to go.
But when you dont own a car….and you have to walk to school….to get a taxi….and to the train station, flood waters do become a bit of an inconvenience.
We’ve had steady rain for almost 24 hours now and the waters are rising.  We’re getting the tail end of typhoon Nari.
Here’s a peek at our soi (street).  I went traipsing through this to go out to the main road to hail a tuk-tuk to get the kids picked up from school this afternoon.
Mind you, this is the very street I saw a snake on just last week.  
Nevermind the water-borne bacteria that Im sure I was swimming in!!  uuugh!

So proud of my brave girls venturing out to get to bible study this morning.  It took us over an hour, but we made it…. a bit soggy…a little late….but we made it!

Umbrella parking lot outside church this morning.

The pictures actually look mild compared to the depth of water in some places.  As we watched a car go past us and the surge well up knee deep, Evie says, “look mommy, a wave!”

Im all for white noise to sleep to….but the “drip, drip, drip” in the bathroom is more like Chinese torture.  It could be worse.  It could be over our wood floor.  I can deal with a leak over tile!

 I think its time to add cute monogrammed rubber boots to our collection of flip flops.  I almost lost a shoe today!

Everyone needs a bubble bath and some disinfecting soap tonight.
And now….how about that pop corn and candle…..?

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