Melancholy Moment

Friday, September 30, 2011
See that boy?
Thats my little man.  And the “little” part is almost over.  All too soon, he’ll be getting a drivers license…applying to colleges…moving into his own place…and bringing ‘a girl’ home to meet the family…
But for now, he’s just a kid.  My favorite boy in the world.  A lover of all things slimy and collector of creepy crawlies.  Wise-cracking, instigating, noise-making, 100% b-o-y!  
But he does clean up pretty nicely!
 I want this future-husband/daddy to get some good practice under his belt as to how to treat a lady.  With 5 sisters, its likely that he will get lots of opportunities.  But tonight provided a great practice run…
Tristan’s beautiful cousin Autumn was nominated for Homecoming Court.  Isnt she pretty?!
She asked Tristan to be her escort for the ceremony tonight.  
I was so honored.
He was..,,,,,,,..less than thilled.
“I have to wear what?”
The eyes rolled.  The smirk curled.  Gestures identical to….his daddy!:)
But he agreed.  

I got to do hair and make-up and photos of this sweet, sweet, beautiful-inside-and-out girl!  Talk about growing too fast….this little carrot-top cutie was a flower girl in our wedding.
Blink…and she’s a lovely young lady.
Dont I sound old and melancholy!?

Tristan pulled it off like a pro.  I had to laugh when I was putting him to bed tonight and he told me that his heart felt funny and he thought he was going to fall over when he walked out there.
Poor boy!  He looked so handsome and did just great, but I know he would much rather have been one of the guys on the field duking it out in pads and helmets.
This kiddo is way more comfortable in a soccer jersey chasing snakes in the back yard…
…but he sure can rock a bow tie!

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