Made In China

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
After 3 weeks overseas, Daddy returned home with a bad case of jet lag, a pocket full of foreign currency coins and a suitcase containing gifts for the family. With great anticipation, the kids watched him unpack a treasure trove of souvenirs and surprises. An adorable asian outfit for Evie, handcrafted bangle bracelets for the girls, a carved wooden whistle for Tristan, black market Prada for Mommy and an assortment of Jasmine and black teas from China and India.
But of all the gifts he carefully selected with his children in mind, nothing compared to the delight of…..
Wait for it…
(drumroll please…..)

The convenience cases passed out online Delta airlines.
Oh the immeasurable delight of tiny chapsticks, individual lotions, fun sized tooth brush, ear plugs, two breath mints, cheap socks and eye masks!

The sleeping beauties and their sleep enhancing garb.
For the small price of an international ticket, a sleepless night crammed in a seat sandwiched between complete strangers, and the wear and tear on your body from a 12 hour time change….you too can be the proud owner of one of these novelty items!

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