Lookin’ for Trouble

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She seems to have a thing for tiny spaces.  When the baby “goes missing” at our house, we investigate the dresser drawers or tupperware cabinet.  Chances are, she’s pulled out all the inhabitants and drug her blanket inside and set up camp….often big sis is her accomplice!  Here are just a few of the misdemeanors we’ve caught on camera:-)

So the plan from here is this…  The GI specialist upped her reflux meds.  If we dont see improvement in the next week, then we will be scheduling an endoscopy.  From the biopsies they take, it will be possible to determine if there are allergy components that are making the reflux worse.  Evie was put on Pedia-Sure to help with her poor weight gain.  Where whole milk has 200 calories per cup, this stuff has 300 calories!!  Even though its chocolate flavored (and her older siblings have been caught sampling her bottle) this little “granola” baby prefers her soy milk and breast milk, but we’re pushing the extra fat.  Determined to grow a little butter-ball-baby!

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