Little Imp

Monday, September 10, 2012

I think it might be time for a little Gigi update.  
She’s 15 months.
Cute as a button
….and perhaps….a little rotten!

I know thats a horrible thing to say about your baby.  But its true.  Somehow I think our parenting has digressed.  She is only just now sleeping through the night.  She gets up between 5 and 6am and comes to bed for early morning snuggles, but this is progress from getting up to nurse during the night like she still was a month ago.

Here’s the thing……when you think it is probably your last baby, some the priorities just dont seem to matter anymore and you want to just savor everything about every age.  Interrupted sleep is worth the snuggles.  The schedule and routine that I thought was of paramount importance with my first babies just dont appeal to me in the same way.  We’ve just filtered things differently with her…and I dont have any regrets.  
Im enjoying every moment.  
Every stage.  
Every memory we create…..every day!

How do I get any work done around here with this little imp getting into everything and looking so dang cute doing it!?
She knows who she’s got wrapped around her finger too.  Tristan is the biggest sucker!  She reaches up her chubby dimpled arms with creases at her wrist and clasps her hands at big brother asking to be picked up.  Then as soon as he does, she grunts and points…..and he follows her lead.  She directs him exactly where she wants to go and what she wants to do and he willingly obliges.
And she repays him with sloppy kisses.  She adores her big brother!!

And guess who goes potty on the toilet every morning?  This girl!

I know I should be jumping up and down for joy and buying training pants and a tot-pot…..but Im not.  Im dragging my feet.  That too is the difference with number 6 instead of number 1.  Im in no hurry to potty train until she can do it herself!  
Its our little routine.  She’s dry lots of morning so we sit her on the potty and she does her thing.  But until shes big enough to at least communicate that she has to go, Im in no hurry.
Go ahead….judge me.  
But Ill take changing diapers any day over cleaning up wet and soiled carpet, linens, bedding, clothes and floors.  Potty training can wait a little longer.

Im pretty sure she would sit in her highchair all day if I kept food in front of her.  This girl loves to eat.  non-stop!

Cutest little custard smeared face ever!

First taste of Krispy Kreme donuts…mmmmmmm!!

“What do you mean the donuts are gone?”

“Oh no you did NOT just take my plate away!”
She is the most affectionate baby we have ever had.  Such an absolute delight!  She sits contentedly in my lap for long periods of time.  She’s discovered books and loves to read.  The itsy-bitsy-spider and this-little-piggy are recited over and over to her delight!  Shes a big time snuggler and is in no hurry to rush off and do her own thing.  Her favorite time is early in the morning “nuggled” between daddy and mommy.  Daddy brews his morning coffee and she literally begs for a taste.  

Daddy skims the cremè off the top with her paci and then she’s ready to start her day after her shot of caffeine.  

If she’s the short one in the bunch, we’ll know why!
These baby blues have kept mommy busy!  She’s been booked with several boutiques that have kept her wardrobe up to date and kept mommy’s camera clickin’!  Its been such a blessing since hand-me-downs that have come from 4 older sisters are a little rough around the edges by the time they get passed down to her!  
Oh-so fun to play dress up with this little doll!

  • Raymond says:

    I can hardly believe she can stand on her own! I missed the baby phase… Super terrific pictures, Mandy. Does the cow print patchwork dress come in your size? That would be fun to see 🙂 miss ya’ll and still love ya lots

  • anne says:

    with you here–we dont know if andre is the last or not, so we just want it all to go really slow. funny how much we wanted the first to grow up. now I’m ready for them all to just take their sweet time. . . .

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