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Friday, September 12, 2008

My own insecurities have left me fearful at times about the effect all of this “trauma and drama” with Evie could leave on my other children.  

Mommy & Daddy “deserted” them for a month when Evie was hospitalized
They have been passed around
Evie’s special needs have required much of mommy
One of my dearest friends baby-girl who was in ICU with Evie, passed away shortly after coming home.
Tristan has asked if our baby will die.
Our abrupt move from the only home they’d ever known in Ukraine
These are weighty issues for wee ones!  I have prayed that God might use these things – these hard things to grow them.
Each of the kids has a “heart baby” now that we follow and pray for every night.  A few days ago we posted about baby Gracie whom it appeared might be too tired to keep fighting.  Abi’s precious prayer brought tears to my eyes.  

“God, thank you for baby Gracie
Thank you that you can make her heart better
Thank you that its your choice if you want her she can go in heaven and you will take care of her.
Thank you that if she goes to heaven she can play with Annabelle (our friend from ICU) and Matthew (the baby we miscarried 4 years ago) and Great Grandma can hold her.
Thank you that her mommy and daddy love you God.”
I was so humbled.  All I could do was plead with God to spare this life…to allow Gracie to linger.  From a six-year-old, I got a glimpse of that childlike faith.  Gods perspective.  The joy He take in each of these little ones coming home.  
These are lessons learned the hard way.  But nothing is wasted.  Where the Lord has led, He will go before.  May He work in these little lives to bring Him glory and teach them (and me) a deeper trust in Him!
…by the way, miracle Gracie is healing!!

  • Mandy~ I am so touched and honored by your words…and especially by Abi’s precious heart for others. You have to know that through her prayer she is the amazing little girl that she is because of all that she has been through. It is those struggles that we worry will harm them that make them stronger…isn’t God teaching us all something grand?? 🙂
    I have so enjoyed reading your words. Evie is so special to our family and we have found so much JOY in watching her grow…knowing our little angel is hitting those same milestones in heaven.
    Thank you for your friendship, dear. I love you~ Rebecca

  • wow… precious! I know God is at work….in all of those dear hearts!

  • katherine says:

    its so sweet to see that window into abi’s heart

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