Lemon Bakery Review – Bangkok Thailand

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Anyone who has spent any length of time in Thailand has experienced epidemic of inedible cakes here!  Sweet temptations behind glass fronts in bakeries tempt us with frosting flourishes and edible embellishments, but one has only to cut and taste to realize that “not all that glitters is gold!”
While the cakes may look the same, one typically discovers that ingredients used in most Thai bakeries and kitchens are very different than the standard we would hold for dessert delicacies in the west.  There is nothing more unappealing than partaking of a bite only to realize that instead of smooth buttercream, your mouth is filled with an oily, overly sweetened shortening substance!  All too often, that has been my experience with every dessert here.

So began my search for “the perfect cake” for my husbands 40th birthday!  Due to the fact that I dont have an oven that works, I laid aside my apron and started scouring the internet.  Lemon came recommended by a friend and my intrigue only grew as I talked to Shweta who fielded all my questions and graciously accommodated date and time and location changes last minute, delivering to us a perfectly scrumptious carrot cake – Chad’s favorite!!

The taste was undeniably different than my disappointing debut with Thai desserts months before. While quality of ingredients (OMG!! the cream cheese frosting was to die for!!!) left my palate profoundly satisfied, she didnt compromise in the least in presentation and decor!  My husbands 40th birthday “still young at heart” themed cake tastefully incorporated his favorite pastime, (surfing,) into a stunning beach-themed layered cake.

Well this one takes the cake!!  Moist, beautifully blended flavors, quality ingredients, exquisite decorations and superb customer services guarantees we will be ordering from Lemon again in the future.  And with as many family birthdays as we celebrate, I anticipate we’ll be keeping Shweta very, very busy!

  • Pavithra says:

    i must say it is the best cake i ever ate..!!! Thanks to Shweta..you made my 1st marraige anniversary the best day of my life..Cheers!!!

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