Labor Day Highlights

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Our Labor Day weekend started appropriately with…..a labor! I was called to attend a birth at 5:30 Friday afternoon. I anticipated 24 hours at the hospital and spending the rest of my holiday weekend sleeping it off, but this first time mom took my by surprise. I was home, showered and ready for a weekend of fun by 11:00 that evening!
‘Tis the season! Ive had 4 friends welcome babies in the past week! Congratulations Christina, Christi, Kelly and Kim!!

My sweet sis came to play with us this weekend. I had the most relaxing weekend in my own house…..ever! We pretended we were on vacation. Saturday we played on the lake from breakfast until dinner time. Diana and I ate an entire pan of brownies ourselves. We watched chick-flicks, went “window shopping” online, laughed like only sisters can can, and she even substituted as a Science teacher for a little homeschool extracurricular work!

Oh…and Evie may have found her calling. She gave Di a makeover with a paintbrush and some spit. What a great auntie to undergo the abuse!

Hitting that wall of satisfied exhaustion.
Too much fun + too little sleep + a touch of sunburn = 1 tired Mommy!

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