Wednesday, February 6, 2013
It means “Thank You

We owe a debt of gratitude to this jewel-of-a-girl!

C’s cousin Laurelle left her home and work in California to travel to Thailand with us and help us settle for the past two weeks.  Its with a heavy heart that we send her back home and take a deep breath…..its time to do this on our own!!


Laurelle has been an invaluable help to us!  Prior to her trip with us, she spent two years teaching English here in Bangkok to elementary grades.  So, (lucky for us,) she not only has lots of experience and energy (and incredible patience) for lots of little kids, but also has a good grasp of city navigation, ideas of things to do, suggestions of restaurants and new foods and a great sense of adventure.

Its actually thanks to her adventurous spirit (and bad influence) that I am now jumping on the back of motorcycles to run errands when I dont have the kids with me 🙂

Its been so helpful to have someone trustworthy to leave the kids with these first days while C and I have run around getting things for the house and taking care of visa details, etc.  And the kids have had a ball with “Relle” (as Evie calls her).
Going to be hard for this momma to live up to the high bar of fun she’s set.  Daily outings to the park, long afternoons at the pool and visits to the yogurt shop!

Lots of memories made and sweetened first impressions of this city because of her presence and the joyful, precious spirit she embodies.  A big thank you to Kevin also – the special young man who let her leave for such a long time. 😉

(You’re welcome we didnt beg her to stay!…..she’s a keeper!!)

She knew about this fabulous park she took us to this weekend.  Huge.  Tons of green acreage.  We paid $6 to rent SEVEN bikes for the day!!

You can’t do anything for a family our size for under six bucks!!  Ah-mazing!

Aside from a couple sore bottoms, we had a marvelous time!

We’re sad to see her go.  Sending her off with hugs, bags full of Thai treasures, and big Khob-Kun-Ka!!

  • Michelle Jones says:

    How wonderful that God blessed you with exactly what you needed in this time of transition! I have a feeling she was blessed by it too! Much love and many prayers

  • Rachel C says:

    I’m loving your posts about settling into your new home. It’s fun to follow your adventures!

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  • What a blessing to have her there during your transition! I’m loving reading about your new adventures…and a little jealous that y’all are in summer clothes! 🙂

    Love you, friend!!

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