Just Another Day In Paradise

Monday, July 18, 2011
Aahhhh….another glorious weekend in our little corner of paradise.

While I love our crazy, loud, early-rising, ettique-lacking, energetic brood……why on earth anyone would come here for “vacation” is beyond me.  The aforementioned did not however deter my brothers from bringing their wife/girlfriend/fiance to spend the weekend with us.
These girls were great sports and very tolerant of a string of blue-eyed, blonde-haired beauties constantly positioning themselves by the guys at mealtimes and competing for the attention of their uncles.  It was certainly not a relaxing, romantic weekend get-away for anyone, but fun was had by all!
And since this is the deep south, Uncle Adam showed up with a gift for Tristan.  “What every little boy needs” he petitioned to Tristans over-protective-mother.
A gun.
“You’ll shoot your eye out” I protested.

Tristan is so pumped!  Id highly recommend you not come sneaking around our house at night.  We are now armed and dangerous!:)
I think the uncles had as much fun as Tristan did with target practice.
I honestly dont think Ive stayed up this late since college days.  I was pretty impressed that I was awake past my normal 10:00 bedtime and was still up for the 2:00am swim across the lake.
Mind you, I didnt say I swam.
But I was still up.  
We spent our days in the sun.  Uncles torturing helpless conniving kiddos.  
Chaos ensuing.  
Giggles abounding.  

And the little miss….she even spent an afternoon under a canopy of blankets on the dock so mommy could catch a kiss of sun.  Heidi gave her her second bottle ever when I had to run out to do a photo shoot on Saturday night.

Im loving getting the opportunity to photograph some cute kiddos and beautiful bellies in bloom….but my camera loves this little face best these days!

So….my brothers have made multiple references to always finding their phone conversations with me wildly entertaining.  They often apologize for calling “at a bad time” when Im shouting over them at one of the kids to turn the TV down, to not play in the shower with their clothes on or to stop holding the cat upside down.
Oh no” I assure them.  “Its not a bad time.  This is just my life.”
Apparently “my life” is not at all “normal” to some people.
However, I would venture to guess that I am not the only one who finds myself saying things I never thought would come out of my mouth….
“Why are you wearing your underwear on your head?”
“Tristan, please stop standing on your sister”!
That is not supposed to go in your nose Izzy!”

This clip makes me laugh.  The things we mothers do that look absolutely preposterous to others.  I think many (including my brothers) look on at the absurdity of my life at times much like Tina Fey does at her sister.

So, Im looking for some back-up ladies.  I thought a little blog-hop might be fun.
Do YOU find yourself saying things you never thought you’d say?
Or do you ever choke on your drink when you overhear what your CHILDREN say?
Lets share our humorous or embarassing moments or just funny things you find yourself saying that you never thought would be coming out of your mouth.
We’ll link up our blogs.
How ’bout Thursday?
Would love some validation that I am not the only one!!  So start writing your posts or making a list.  Ill post a linky tool on Thursday morning if anyone cares to join me.

And for those who guessed about which sister(s) were matching Gigi in the last post, it was Izzy in both pictures!  Good job Lara!!:)

  • Jennifer says:

    I don’t have a blog, but had to share. My favorite is “please don’t go fishing in my coffee”. I also liked “Those are not shoes, they are bike helmets. Please stop walking around with them on your feet.” Also, “No you may not put make-up on the cat.”

    You are NOT alone. 🙂
    Jennifer Scruggs

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