Im 2 weeks late

Sunday, April 14, 2013
No!!….no, no, no!  Not THAT kind of two-weeks-late!!
Why do people always jump to that conclusion with us? 🙂

Just a fortnight behind in updating our blog.
Life is busy, full, happy and dare I say – relatively settled at last.  I have half a dozen posts in mind, but I cant get up to date on them until I back-up and save for posterity, the memories of our first Easter in Thailand with some dear friends celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus and the promise and eternal hope we have because of Life with Him!

He became sinWho knew no sinThat we might become His righteousnessHe humbled Himself and carried the cross

Love so amazingLove so amazing

Jesus Messiah, name above all namesBlessed Redeemer, EmmanuelThe rescue for sinnersThe ransom from HeavenJesus Messiah, Lord of all

I cant even believe how my little “easter bunny” has grown since last year.  
She was SO SICK with RSV last Easter!!
 Easter Morning 2012
Easter Morning 2013

We connected shortly after moving here with a small group in our church and have already established some precious friendships through that.  A direct answer to prayer for sure!
After worship on Sunday morning, we headed over to friends house in the afternoon for an egg hunt in their apartment garden complex and to share ‘tea and cakes’.  They are British and I must say that their little Noah with his high-english accent has totally won my heart!!

11 kids between 3 families

Of course!  Of course this boy of mine would go hunting for easter eggs, and pull out this…..

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