His Mercies Continue!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Its been a while since our last medical update on our little miracle girl.

Trust me, no news is good news!
She’s had a fabulous summer. Six whole months without hospitalizations and only routine check ups.

All her Dr.’s are wanting to see her since we’ve gotten back. This poor child goes into hysterics at the very sight of a stethoscope! She’s not been nearly as happy to become reacquainted with her nurses as they are delighted to see her back!
So, there’s good news and the bad news….
Evie’s Immunologist said that she is now resistant to the diseases that she had to be re-immunized against a couple months ago. Praise the Lord!
The bad news is that there are certain elements in her blood required for a healthy immune system that she does not have adequate amounts of. Certain counts are severely delayed for her age. The Dr is still hopeful that she may outgrow this. That perhaps her system was so suppressed for so long, that she’s just getting a slow start. He said we are not there yet, but talked about the ability to “infuse” these elements into her if her numbers dont start to come up. Only time will tell if this is an infantile deficiency or truly a immune disorder.
I had to smile when he remarked at how fortunate she is to have evaded sickness and be so healthy with her numbers being so low.
“Fortune” or “luck” we know, has nothing to do with it!
We continue to see the strong and faithful hand of the Lord on our Evie. His protection and grace is abundant beyond deficiencies or low counts or statistics. I am just amazed when I think of all God has spared her from and saved her for.
His mercies continue!

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