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Tuesday, May 28, 2013
There may have been some pangs of homesickness over the past weeks.  My two baby sisters graduated…one form highschool, one from college.  Super proud big sis here!! The distance is always felt more acutely when the family is gathered in celebration or support of one another.  Like this weekend when my siblings, parents and grandparents made the long drive up to the farmlands of Indiana to bury my aunt.  My dads only sister.  My 90 year old grandparents only daughter – all her life they have devotedly cared for their disabled daughter with such tenderness and compassion. And now she is free from her broken body and suffering, but there is never a “timely” death and no parent should ever have to lay their child to rest!
Im feeling helplessly far away and wishing my arms could reach to embrace each of these gathered below…

It was a good thing I had a party to plan and spunky toddler to divert and distract me from melancholy moments.  Our little babycakes turned 2 this week.

Birthday this year meant an understated, simply sweet, uncomplicated, stress-free, laid back, thrown together party….very unlike me!
I didnt “Pinterest” a theme.
No invitations were sent.
I didnt buy, decorate or embellish much….with the exception of some super-uber fun cupcakes that my friend Rasee helped me pull off.

My first friend in Bangkok – doula, momma and “Cake Boss” Rasee with Gigi’s lil friend Lexi

Our little American baby thrives on the attention she gets in this country with everyone pinching her cheeks and stroking her curls.  She literally sits in her stroller when we are out and does the “princess wave” to people passing by – believing that life itself is a parade in her honor.  (heaven help us!!)

“Farang” (white) babies are a bit of a celebrity around here!  She has learned the Thai “bow” and “sawadee kaa” greeting and gets accolades every time she uses that salutation.  She’s going to get a lesson in the school of hard knocks whenever we do return to the States and no one gushes over her whenever she simply says “hello”.
She knows how to say as many Thai words as English words, and loves seaweed for snacks, (ewww!!!) so a simple Thai curry dinner with friends seemed appropriate for our first family birthday in Thailand.

Quite possibly Gigi’s favorite person in the world right now!
Sweet Honey, our downstairs neighbor – Gigi adores her!!

Gigi’s beloved “Yaya”
Gabriellas best bud Gabriella:)  They’ve met their match in each other!

A few more pics to share tomorrow, but think Ive thoroughly innundated you with pink and grey and elephants for now!
Happy Birthday to our shoe-aholic, mischief-making, baby-blue-eyed, answer-to-prayer, snuggliest, stubbornest, prissy-est, poor-sleeping, quick-tempered, pouty, giggle-box, dramatic-diva, iguana-infatuated, lovie-attached, paci-addicted, mommas-girl, sibling-adored who has got daddy wrapped around her little finger!  
This world is only big enough for one of you!!  
And we’re so glad you’re OURS!!

  • Angela says:

    Happy 2nd (where did the time go? !?!) Birthday Gigi 🙂 LOVE the girls grey and pink outfits and big brother’s new hair style. You are so blessed—such a beautiful family!

  • Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday sweet, spunky Gigi girl! Your momma sure knows how to pull off a fantastic party absolutely anywhere! So happy y’all had some sweet friends to celebrate such a special day with you, friend. She can stop growing now. 😉 I seriously think she’s a foot taller already!

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