He Asked Me Out…

Sunday, August 26, 2012
Some people drive to “the big city” to celebrate special occasions.  But the simplicity of our relaxed country lifestyle has its allure.  To celebrate 11 years together, we instead drove further out into the historic town of Newberry to enjoy a night on the (little) town.
“I think I would probably come to the conclusion that I’d like it for a while … but in the end, I’d still prefer the sound of the wind in the firs across the brook more than the tinkling of crystal.” 
Anne of Green Gables
Well, we got both at a restaurant recommended by friends and frequented by loyal locals!  
The service and food was unmatched by some of the more “ritzy” restaurants in town and yet still had the refreshing sense that you were being served in a sophisticated southern family home.
The structure is an old bank.  Character is added by the old vault that now serves as the wine cellar.  Situated on the Newberry Town Square, it frequently serves patrons following performances at the renowned Newberry Opera House.  
Our dining experience started with a warm loaf of bread and a house-made spread that was to die for. 
I may have requested a second loaf of bread…..
and polished it off….
almost singlehandedly…  
The carb coma was totally worth it!
While slathering a warm slice of hearty bread with the sweet spread, I managed to get the secret out of our waitress.  Something about peach schnapps and pecans and fresh butter.  
Aah….lowfat Im sure, right?  Absolute decadence.  
Our appetizer was a goat cheese fondue that we enjoyed immensely.  C’s filet mignon was cooked to perfection and my Blackened Tilapia was enhanced with delicious avocado salsa and cheesy grits!  Are your tastebuds watering yet?
The menu boasts exquisite fare and we were impressed by the extensive selection for such an intimate restaurant.  Ill be honest here in saying that it takes a lot to impress C!!  
Its rare, but Ive known him to send a dish back to the kitchen a time or two when we have dined out.  
He has superb taste and a high standard!
….and is already wanting to go back to Delamaters!  He loved it!
His endorsement alone should make you curious about trying this place out!  
We will be returning for other special occasions!
Cheers to us!  Yep, thats me polishing off the night with a key lime parfait….bliss!!
And where were our six kids you may ask while we were wining and dining like star-crossed lovers?  
My awesome brother and sister-in-law fed, pajama’d and put to sleep the whole crew.  SUCH a gift.  We are indebted!!  In exchange, we are keeping their boxer when they go out of town next weekend.  (We totally got the better end of the deal!!) Although, I am afraid their evening managing half-a-dozen kids may have caused them to consider postponing having kids of their own for quite some time.
Come spend a night babysitting for us….best form of birth-control around!

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