Greatest Show On Earth…..or something like it

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen….
Boys and Girls…..
Children of all ages…..

I took my own little circus to see the circus last night. No, we’re not talking about the spectacular Barnum & Baily three ring circus. This was the “deep south” version. The entirety of the “Midway” consisted of a single bounce house and a petting zoo.
Oh, there was the usual….overpriced souvenirs. Underpaid performers. Carnival food. Freakish stunts.

But in our circus, its a family run business. The teen girl who does facepainting jumps into the ring and juggles fire before returning to her post. The lady selling corn dogs dubs as Miss Matilda, the camel trainer. And the husband, wife and son Menezes family perform all the gymnastics, acrobatic and ballancing acts….and passed out glow sticks during their breaks. Concessions were sold out of a pop-up camper.

1 ring.
10 performers.
8 animals.
……I counted.
Truly amazing to me that they can still charge $4 for a sno-cone when there are only 90 people attending in the audience.

A great small-town feel though. Tiny tent with bleacher seating. We froze our tails off for two hours in 43 degree weather so that my kids could experience the country version of “the greatest show on earth.”

Driving home, a huge sigh escaped from Izzy as she sat perplexed and deep in thought. I looked in my rear view mirror and asked what was wrong.
“I just cant decide” she pouted.
“Now I dont know if I still want to be a doctor or if I want to be a circus girl”.
Glad to know she’s carefully deliberating such equally distinguished careers!

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