Grace Gifts

Friday, August 19, 2011
Its rare, but sometimes, God gives us a glimpse of what we would have missed if we had had our way.
Occasionally, He gives us a peek at His eternal perspective…His grace…His gifts that He lavishes on us even through the storms of life that we’d rather have avoided.Here are two of those gifts in my life.

Bryna and Joy.
These two amazing women were Evies nurses in PCICU and on 7C (stepdown) when Evie had her heart surgery.
Three years later and the memories are SO vivid.

…Joy was our nurse the morning anesthesia came in to take Evie into surgery.  Joy patiently stalled him so we could have a few extra minutes holding our baby before handing her over.  She gave me a reassuring hug as I dissolved into tears when the heavy metal doors shut after they wheeled our baby out.

Heart Walk September ’08

…Day 2 post-surgery, we walked into the Unit to find Evangeline’s name beautifully scripted and decorated on bright purple cardstock hung over her bed….Joy’s handiwork.  I cant even tell you how this lifted our spirits.  In a world where your baby is hooked up to dozens of life-sustaining-devices, a little something pretty goes a long way!

…The day Evie had to be put back on the vent and we really thought she might not pull through, Joy gave us hope by telling us that one day, she would be coming back into the unit as a bouncy two-year-old to visit her nurses. (and she DID!)

Evie’s 2nd Birthday

…And sweet Bryna…when we graduated from PCICU and were terrified by the responsibilities that were now ours changing, bathing and feeding this fragile, sick little girl, Bryna patiently walked me through step-by-step and taught us not to be afraid of all the wires and leads.

…She would often drop into my room in the middle of those long lonely nights just to visit and check our her Evie-girl.

Brynas own sweet baby Graham

We have stayed close since and Im honored to call these two dear friends!  They were so precious to drive 2 hours yesterday on their day off from crazy nursing schedules to meet Gigi and spend the day with us.

“Graham & Gigi” has a nice ring, doncha think?
There may or may not have been discussion of an arranged marriage:)

I would never have chosen the circumstances that brought us together….
…But I wouldn’t trade their friendships for anything!


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