GRACE for Gracie!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Praying friends,

Precious Gracie is in critical condition and in need of prayer.  She is another sweet-heart baby we have come to love.  Recently she went into heart failure and was listed for a transplant.  After only three days, a precious angel heart was provided for Gracie.  Unfortunately, it did not “take” and has not been working since the transplant.  She has been on life-support for almost a week.  She was a candidate for the Berlin Heart (an artificial heart) which now doctors are saying is not an option for her.  They are questioning if a re-transplant is even a possibility.  They are running out of options, but we have seen God work miracles beyond what is deemed “medically possible” and know that He is able if He desires sweet Gracie to linger.
Its so painful to watch these little ones battling broken hearts.  Please pray for the Gledhill family.  

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