Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There were tears shed Sunday morning while trying to get ready for church. We walked into the service 5 minutes late looking “together”…but we weren’t!
Let me paint you a picture of half an hour before….
Abi in front of the mirror, dramatically bemoaning the fact that her braid “didnt look right” and she needed me to help (which I obliged).
Britain whining and chasing Isabelle around for stealing her favorite ring (you know – the gigantic gaudy Dollar Store red ruby kind!)
Isabelle fell to pieces when I was trying to dress her because she didnt have the same matching dress that Abi & Britain had.
And Evie threw a little fit because we couldnt find her purse when we were walking out the door….and she was fidgety and fussy because the bloomers I’d put on here were riding up her chunky thighs.
These sisters are sweet natured and the best of friends, but I have a feeling this is a foreshadowing of things to come. If there is this much drama in our home when they are 7, 5, 3 and 1…can you imagine what it will be like when they are 17, 15, 13, and 11 and you add hormones, shoes, makeup and mood swings?
Heaven help us!
For today, Im glad the tears shed are over braids….not boys!

  • Donna says:

    So funny…I remember days like that! Your girls are too beautiful for words and precious as welL!!

  • Lacey says:

    You know how jealous I am of those moments? Having all boys is a killer.

  • Faith M. says:

    Love it!!! This post made me laugh outloud. I can just picture what you’ll be writing about in a few years.

  • Tori says:

    I have 4 girls as well. Oh the drama! I’m glad my girls are still at the braids over boys stage as well. I read your last post and am glad to hear your little one is doing reasonably well. I just lost my niece 2 months ago due to complications after heart surgery. She had a condition called Marfan Syndrome. ( I pray the Lord continues to bless you on your roller coaster of life.

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