Fantastic 5!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is it possible that my sweet girl is 5?!?!

Britain was celebrated in style this weekend! A princess cake (I have always wanted to make one of these!!) and picnic in the park with grandparents before we picked up her dearest friend Ellie and headed to Charleston for the weekend.

If you’ve never decorated cupcakes…sprinkles, icing and all…late at night….in a hotel room….with two sugar crazed little girls…you have truly missed out on a fun time!
The two were inseparable all weekend.

C asked 4 hours into the trip”how long until they settle down”?
We learned that little girls, slumber parties and sugar are a recipe for a weekend of non-stop giggles!!

We shared a birthday lunch with our dear friends the Butchers. Cute Wyatt even dressed appropriately for a pink party in his shirt to honor little sister Annabelle

They tackled the crashing waves at the beach
And played hard and slept even harder!

And when Sunday morning rolled around, I was amazed that the little dears were still in bed, whispering sweetly to let C and I wake up slowly. Little angels.
And then I found this

…clearly, their hushed tones had more to do with what they were concealing than consideration for my much needed beauty sleep!

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