Family Fun Night – The Corner Review

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Its no secret that Bangkok boasts some of the greatest dining options from ethnic exotic flavors, to upscale ritzy restaurants, and succulent burgers from the back of famous food trucks.  The other well known fact is that Bangkok traffic is enough to make you want to eat dinner in your yoga pants at home and never brave the bustling roads.  No worries – you dont have to resort to ramen noodles!
Sure you want to try that hip new restaurant across town, but the thought of an hour in traffic is daunting!
But who says you cant have it both ways?
Our Family Fun Nights highlight Bangkok Restaurants that DELIVER the best appetizers, entrees and desserts right to your door.  This concept is new to expats, but one of the greatest features of Bangkok living, giving you accessibility to taste the finest – all from the comfort of your home!!

The Corner

While their menu encompasses a wide variety of Thai, Western and Italian dishes – all impressively authentic – their specialty, we believe, lies in their Mediterranean fare!  No other cuisine leaves you feeling quite so wholesomely full, satisfied, and yet healthy!  The Corner served up all our favorites – Falafel & Tzatziki, Fried Olives (if you’ve never tried, you’re missing out,) Hummus & Homemade Pita (Gigi licked the container clean!) and a succulent Chicken Shawarma!  Delivery was made to our home (a good 30 minutes from the restaurant), still hot, beautifully assembled, garnished and intact!

Bruschettas were as flavorful as they were colorful.  This is a great starter to share with a crowd!  We cut in fourths so everyone could sample all the savory sensations – Tomato & Parmesan, Peppers & Anchovies, Eggplant & Mozzarella, Mushroom & Feta, (my personal favorite!) and Ratitouille and Parma Ham.

Paninis and sandwiches are great weekday simple supper to select from on a busy night that the family needs to order in.  The sandwich menu offers a “make your own option” with a diverse list of roasted vegetables, meats, cheeses, pesto and all the best bread varieties!  A great alternative for the child in your family that has strong preferences – simply design a sandwich custom made for them!

And pasta – who doesnt love pasta?  The Fettuccini Carbonara and Beef Lasagna is always a crowd pleaser.  We found this one to be as good as Grandmas – and thats saying a lot!!

Pour yourself a glass of wine and feast on the Slow Roasted Chicken – deliciously brined and hearty enough to share.  Pair with a salad (of which there is no shortage of yummy choices) and you have a well balanced meal that is both satisfying and health friendly!

And here’s a special you wont want to miss if you’re going to be dining The Corner mid-week…
Couscous Royal is every Wednesday night from 6:30 on.  The price is 390-net.  Check it out for dining-in or for delivery!

Take a peek at the menu and order in for your own Family Fun Night.
The Corner, located in Sathorn, offers delivery in the area through their messenger or can delivery along Sukhumvit for a minimum 1000 baht order.  Food Panda also delivers The Corner meals to the comfort of your home.  No need to dig for leftovers when you can order in tonight!!

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Call: 026798438
Or dine in at their well-known Sathorn location: 27/39 Soi Sri Bamphen

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