Fallen from Favor

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have officially fallen from favor in my children’s eyes.  We took Evie to Pulmonology this morning (report to follow).  On our way back I was looking in the rear-view mirror, making eye-contact with Tristan helping him practice his presentation for school.

“Look out Mom!” he shrieked.
Just ahead of me on the pavement was, (what used to be) someone’s sassy little feline sadly gone astray from home.  I veered to the right, my wheels straddling the cat to steer clear of the oncoming tractor trailer and still avoid the infamous “thump-thump”.
A collective “Gasp” erupted from the back seat.
“Mommy, you HIT it.  You KILLED the cat”.
“I didn’t kill the cat”, I tried to explain.
“You DID!” Abi stated emphatically “I saw you.  You ran right over it!”
“No honey!  The cat was already dead”. (It was!  I swear!  I saw it on the other side of the two lane highway when we passed it three hours ago).
“Well you killed it AGAIN” Tristan retorted with disgust. “It probably didn’t feel good for you to just run over it again!”
“You could go back and try to fix it” Britain begged.
“No baby.  Im sorry”
A heavy dose of the “silent treatment” followed from the backseat.
I figured we could just ride it out.
A mile passed.
Two miles.
Maybe they’d forgotten. (…who was I kidding). “Hey Tristan, want to try the rest of your speech”
“I don’t want to anymore.” (long pause……) “cause you killed the cat”
It doesn’t matter that I’m innocent.  In their eyes, mom is a guilty cat-killer.
Next time I think Ill take my chances with the oncoming tractor trailer!

Sooo, we’re back to square 1 with Evie.  The doctor is pleased with her results from tests last week, but said if she were “fine”, she wouldn’t be acting like this.  Her breathing is often heavy and her oxygen drops dramatically at night sometimes.  He’s trying  more aggressive treatment for asthma and for reflux.  (Yet MORE medicine!) The next step will be to refer her to a GI specialist if improvement isn’t seen.  So we’ll wait it out a couple more weeks.

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