Dusting Off My Pointe Shoes

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I danced for eleven years and taught for five and love that I now have four girly-girls who have an appreciation for tutus and leather ballet slippers.

Ive been talking to a local studio about taking on the instruction of a couple of their elementary and intermediate classes this fall. Naturally, some of my girls would be placed in my class. I mentioned the idea to Isabelle yesterday.

Hey Izzy, would you like Mommy to be your new dance teacher?”
Her eyes absolutely lit up with excitement.
YES! Oh yes! You can teach me ballet” she replied with a look of adoration in her eye.
My heart swelled with pride. In my daughters eyes, I would be a graceful embodiment of her princess fantasies. She would be my little protege and I would endow to her my years of experience and technical training in classical ballet.
She wanted me to be her teacher! How sweet is that?
An expression of great anticipation still graced her face as she crossed her arms with great eagerness asked:
So….who gonna be my Mommy now?”
My expanding ego was quickly deflated.
That look. That look of “I cant wait” was not related to a vision of being tutored by a beautiful-prima-ballerina that she is lucky to call mom……she was anticipating replacing me!!

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