Drama Queen(s)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Abi will turn 12 in 2 short weeks.  That means I’ll have exactly 365 days to prepare myself for what is to follow.  Ive just done the math….Brace yourself.  Im looking at 15 consecutive years of teenage girls from the time Abi turns 13 until Gigi turns 18.


Thats a lot of hormones and drama and fights over the bathroom and borrowing shoes.

Poor Tristan.


….Poor C!!!

And while we know there will be meltdowns and moods in the months and years to come, I have to say, that my preteen at this moment is nothing but an absolute delight!  This girl, so responsible, such a capable, caring person, is more than a daughter – she’s becoming one of my dearest friends!

Last weekend gave us a little fast forward glimpse – the girls were all part of a big gala event at their school.  And end of the year musical/theatrical performance.  They’ve worked so hard in preparation and performed beautifully.  Having grown up as a serious ballerina, I loved seeing my daughters debut experience with stage makeup, encore flowers and poise under the lights.  They were so composed and did a great job.  A fun evening had by all.  But good gracious….who is this young lady standing beside me and where has my little girl gone?




On the home front, we have some little drama-queens-in-training.  While Im certain Im even more excited than my kids that school being out for the summer is less than a week away, (squeal!!) I have to say, I will miss my quiet mornings with these two….playing dress ups (who knew you could wear princess, pirate and pumps all at the same time?) and reenacting Frozen and reading Pinkalicious.  I love these beautiful every-day mornings when they raid my closet and try on my high-heels while I shower.  I love their grabby hands in my make up bag when Im trying to “put my face on” in the morning.  Seeing her kissing her baby dolls face is one of those moments I wish I could freeze…… Life is beautiful!






My favorite little Elsa and Anna singing their rendition of the song…..


….and a blooper reel….enjoy 🙂



(….and just as a little “drama queen” side note….  Would you keep us in prayer?  As of 4:30 this afternoon, the Thai government has just been overthrown by a coup.  The military is enforcing Martial Law and there are school closures nationally.  All public broadcasting and television has been cut off and there are rumors that social media and internet may be the next thing to be seized.  A curfew is also in effect.  While it sounds sensational, we feel very safe here and are keeping a close eye on things.  A bit surreal, but with protests having been going on for months, this doesn’t feel dangerous and life carries on.  Please pray with us for swift resolutions to be agreed upon and peace to be restored to this country!)

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