Did I Just Say That?

Thursday, July 21, 2011
One thing is for sure…motherhood is a humbling experience.  In the course of day-to-day “normal” conversations with my children, I find myself saying some of the most absurd things….

No.  You cant leave the house in your cowboy boots and underwear.  You must go put some clothes on”.

“Yes, I know that package is your favorite color, but no that’s not chewing gum sweetie.
Huh?  What is it?  …..um….well they’re called condoms.
No you cant buy some.
Come over here.  This is where the gum is.  
Take your pick”.

“Please stop drawing hearts and flowers with spit on the windows”

“Please take that snake outside“!!

“Are we supposed to write with ball point pen on the leather chair”

“Stop biting your sister”

“Stop biting your toe nails”

“Yes.  You’re right, thats amazing.  Uh-huh!  That scab does kinda look like the shape of Texas”

“Because it fit” is not an acceptable reason for why you crammed that toy down the sink drain.”

“Awww….Im sorry it died honey!  Next time maybe dont carry the lizard around in your pocket, ok?”

“You found that gum under where?  And you ate it?!!”

So there you have it.
Lest you be under any false pretense that just because I am obsessive about cute bows in the girls hair, that life is without chaotic, embarrassing moments….rest assured, Im in those trenches too ladies.  Honestly, I never in a million years thought Id have a nonchalant conversation with my four-year-old about condoms in the middle of a busy supermarket.
Thats real life folks!
Life with kids anyway.

Here’s your chance to spill.  We’d love to hear your “I cant believe I just said that” moments.
Or perhaps its your childrens conversations you’ve overheard that leave you gasping.
Someday, they will be well behaved and mild mannered and you will MISS these moments!

If you’re brave enough, join in!
1) Post your “Did I Just Say That” humorous moments on your blog and then
2) Link up here so that we can visit eachothers.

If you dont have a blog but want to share, you can do so in a comment.
Simply leave a comment as “anonymous” if you dont have a google account.

Lets hear it ladies.  Brutal honesty.
Tell me Im not the only one who has to scold for recycled gum found in Cracker Barrel!

  • Trini says:

    Haha!!! Gotta love what kids say…I don’t have kids myself (good thing, since I’m not even 16 yet), but I do know just from babysitting!

  • I think it’s more about what comes out of Owen’s mouth than my own lately. Everything ends with “woman”.. “I’m done eating woman!” Then he quickly retreats and says “Wait.. you not woman.. you are my momma.. I farty (sorry)”.

    Oh.. I almost forgot.. Kamryn’s swimsuit is from Justice. I buy everything for her there. She is a size 18 or a 0 in a woman, but she’s still a little girl.. not a teen. So it’s hard to find girl clothes for a teen body that are appropriate and girly. It’s an awkward stage to be in.

  • Sarah D says:

    My daughters Kindergarten teacher overheard a conversation between two kids last year in class.

    One little girl was helping passing out the cups when she placed her fist on her hip and spoke rather forcefully to a little boy:
    “Didn’t you forget somefing?!”
    “Huh?” he said.
    “The “F” word!?!?”. Mrs Wyant held her breath….
    “Fank You!!??”


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