Monday, December 9, 2013
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house!  Our little advent calendar is perched on the counter top with a piece of paper in each box…every day an activity or project or game or memory we make together.  We’ve made a gingerbread house (aka a gingerbread shack), gone to a performance of Handel’s Messiah and had a cookie workshop.
  And our little “Sparkle box”… for Jesus that we will open on Christmas morning.  Papers we slip inside with things done in secret to love and help others.
(a really sweet book and idea to do with young kids to keep a spirit of giving during Christmastime)

Our little miniature trees are up.  First time in 33 years that I haven’t had a live Christmas tree.  We did manage to locate somewhere here that imports and sells live firs….but I could think of a dozen other ways to spend $300!!!!!!  However, we are making do and creating memories in new and different ways.  
With the current political unrest, kids have had several days off of school which this momma has loved!  Mass rioting and demonstrations have shut down parts of the city.  Be assured we are safe and sound.  This is just our Bangkok version of “snow days”!  And its meant lots of extra free time for some very special visitors we have had!!  More on that tomorrow!
Evie (naturally) thinks every thing heart-shaped is hers!

Izzy with her Yaya

Santa Baby

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