Curbside Delivery

Monday, April 12, 2010
In the last week, it has been my pleasure to attend the births of two amazing women as their doula! I love my “night job” and feel with each birth that I am so privileged to share such an intimate, meaningful event in a womans life.
The right of passage into Motherhood!
Last week involved a lengthy labor of an amazingly strong woman resolved and committed to natural childbirth. She and her husband worked confidently as a team through an exhausting ordeal. 24 hours of blood, sweat and tears later she delivered a beautiful screaming baby girl completely naturally.
Amazing! A truly heroic lady!
It was so beautiful, I cried!
There just is nothing like seeing a strong, capable, committed, determined mommy welcome her miracle into the world!

Then Thursday night was the makings of a Lifetime original movie. I was called to a home in the middle of the night when a first time mommy began her labor. We labored at the house for about two hours and she handled the contractions with such ease and grace. We moved her to her car to make the 30 minute drive across town to the hospital and I followed the couple in my own car.
I was booking it to keep up with the father who was pushing 70 in a 45 mph zone.
Every guy wants an excuse to speed, right? I figured he was just capitalizing on the opportunity.
He then screeched on his breaks and pulled into the middle turn lane on a 4 lane highway. I pulled off behind them and saw the husband waving frantically for me to come.
I arrived at the mothers side with the unimaginable taking place before my eyes. Two pushes and I got to deliver a beautiful 7 lb. 9 oz baby boy.
In the car.
On the road.
At 4:00am.
Oh the sweet sound of a baby’s first lusty cry. Praise God!!! I wrapped mom and baby in blankets and dad called 911. The police were there within minutes with EMT shortly following. Immediate transfer by ambulance to the hospital where the assessments of an elated mom and her lil’ guy were absolutely perfect.

Deep sigh of relief!
Thank you Lord!
Im forever ruined….I now have my sights set on becoming an Obstetrician.
If anyone is in need of a labor and delivery Doula, let me know.
Stories shared with permission from the new parents.

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