Cup for a Cure

Thursday, June 17, 2010

As part of a school project, Tristan, Abi & Britain along with their cousin David, hosted a lemonade stand in conjunction with a nationwide project to raise money to fight childhood cancer. We did ours in honor of Abby. A sweet six-year old that my sister is a nanny for. The kids have prayed for Abby for four years as she has fought medulloblastoma (cancer of the brain) for most of her childhood. Is she cute or what?
Cancer, like CHD’s completely overwhelm me when I think of the vastness of havoc it wreaks! While I know our profits are just a drop in the bucket, I just cant not do anything. I hope for Abby that there will be a breakthrough in her lifetime…..just as I hope for our Evie that medical advances will be made to meet her needs as she grows.
Im quite certain the heat index was over 100 that day and the humidity was insane. The kids were troopers and business was good on such a hot day! They blew past their goal and that night counted out nearly $150 in dollar bills and change!

It was pretty crazy….the local TV even showed up, shot some footage, interviewed Abi and ran a story on it. That tells you what a “Small Town USA” city we are.

We survived hours in the blistering heat with only one casualty….
A sweet mom with a toddler in the backseat kindly pulled over and requested a lemonade.
Tristan (in his eagerness to serve her up) completely misjudged the door height as he tried to hand the cup of lemonade in through the window.
Essentially, he dumped the entire contents of the cup of sticky pink lemonade in through her car window and upon her leather seats.
C saw it all go down and was mortified.
I lamely offered her wet wipes which did little to sop up the liquid dripping down into her console.
She was very gracious….
….and Im sure will think twice before ever stopping at another lemonade stand.

  • I can’t help but laugh as I imagine the lemonade fiasco! I’m glad the lemonade stand was a hit…and a big hit to get the news guy out! I bet they were so excited about that.

    What a great way for the kids to learn about helping others, especially in the name of a little friend. I’ll be adding Abby and her family to my prayers. Thanks for sharing her sweet face. 🙂

    Enjoy this great southern weather…I don’t know how you all stood it!! Whew!

  • Claire says:

    Oh what an inspiring idea!


  • Lacey says:

    What a great idea! I found through the blog world and the link between DS and cancer, that pediatric cancer is wayy underfunded. And now that we’ve had so many great breakthroughs in breast cancer, I think its time we think about our future, our childrens cancers!

  • Karen says:

    So cool!! Love the yellow by the way….very you! 🙂 I could go for a glass of lemonade right now. I think you should send your kiddos over here and they can sell lemonade next to all the babushkas selling strawberries! 🙂

  • Raymond says:

    That’s great! Do you have a link to the news cast?

    I found some inspiration for your chicken coop, Mandy.

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