Cooking with Poo

Monday, April 7, 2014


This visionary and entrepreneurial woman has capitalized on her name and created an unforgettable play on words that has led her into the limelight…..and into our hearts!

Meet Poo


Born and raised in the slums in Bangkok, she has skillfully developed her gifting – a love for cooking that her mother instilled in her.  What began as a home kitchen in which she served neighbors directly from her hut window, has grown into a business and a vision for employing women and bettering her community.


Tourists and locals book weeks in advance to attend her notorious cooking class learning the secrets of Thai cuisine and earning bragging rights for mastering Phad Thai and Tom Kha Gai soup.


The half-day excursion begins with a shuttle pick up at a central mall

(Emporium) where you and other chefs-in-training are driven to the Klong Toey wet market.  Poo greeted us warmly at the pick up location and we were drawn to her personal, down-to-earth manner.  The walk through the market is not for the faint of heart (or queasy of stomach).  Suffice to say, if you aren’t a vegetarian before going, you might be after.  But if you can get past the section with frog carcasses and dried beetles, you’ll find the palate of color from all the fresh fruits and veggies absolutely stunning!



After gathering needed produce. the shuttle takes you to Poo’s kitchen.  Ill admit, I was expecting an industrial, polished kitchen, but was refreshed to see the integrity of the vision has been maintained in Poo’s quaint kitchen only doors down from the home she grew up in.



Her staff was pleasant, helpful and the cooking class well managed with thoughtful detail given to accompanying guests with special dietary needs.  I was amazed by the genuine nature of a woman so sought after and renowned through much of the world.  A celebrity who has not wavered on her convictions and whose heart is truly the betterment of her community.


We left with full bellies and delightful memories.

Cooking with Poo is a must for anyone who has a day to spare in Bangkok!

If you’re a local, its a great day activity to take visiting guests or relatives to.

Ill be going back for sure!


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