Come Ye Thankful People Come

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Holidays are the best when you come from a large family!  The kids wanted to count it up today.  They totaled:
9 uncles + 11 aunts + 6 greats and grands + 12 cousins = ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!
We had a great time in Atlanta with a good representation of that bunch.  I told my mother, I think one reason I love coming home so much is that I dont have to be in charge!  Mothering 6 means I have to muster up some organization and leadership and get on my game early in the day…but that’s not naturally me.  Im very content for someone else to have a plan and be a “follower”.  The weekend home did me good and I got to enjoy begin a “daughter” in addition to a “mother” for the time.  
Someone else planned the meals.
Someone else helped with chaperoning kids and coat buttons and shoe ties and hair bands.
Someone else even did the bedtime routine with my kids to I could enjoy a leisurely bubblebath in peace and quiet!  
A gift indeed!
I know Im not the only mother who has an entourage every time I try to lock myself in the bathroom! 
My brother and BIL even agreed to watch the kids so my sisters and I could do a little Black Friday shopping. 
That is, until I received these pics on my phone as I stood in line at the mall.
Skater Dude Tristan doing a trick
Bungie jumping off the balcony

 They’re officially never allowed to babysit again.
Wait-a-minute!  That was his plan all along I think…:)

What a riot!!

Im bound and determined to get my mother as addicted to Pinterest as I am.  The difference between us is this…
I pin.
She produces.
Look at these cute Tepee’s she made with the kids for our Thanksgiving table decor.  C-U-T-E!!
And this little elf has been busy… Our tree is up….
…and she helped with Grandmoni and Grandenny’s too!

 It took the whole work force to get their 18 foot!!! tree all glitzied up!

Innumerable blessings to be thank-full for as we anticipate this season of Advent!

  • Karen says:

    Gigi looks like she is ready for Ukraine with that big white bow on her head!!!

  • Angel says:

    You are so crafty!! I love the TPs! You were right, Gigi is getting big fast.. I may have to send you some larger shirts for her!! I have since temporarily closed my shop… but I love to see my stuff worn, and she is so cute!

    I really need to take pictures of my kids by the tree this year… I love the way you used the lader as a prop! So cute!

    Thank you for your faithful posts!

  • Ha!! Your brothers are brilliant! 🙂 I’m glad you all had a great Thanksgiving.

    And girl, I think of you often as I’m trying to get my TWO out the door in the mornings and think, “How in the world does Mandy do it?!” Seriously. You are awesome. And I’m so glad you were able to enjoy a little break! 🙂

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