City of Angels

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Its rare, but a few times in life, God blesses you with a friendship that defies the boundaries of space and time and distance.  I love that Evie and Maggie have found that kindred spirit in each other at such a young age.  Their special hearts uniquely bond them, but its so much more that makes their precious girlhood friendship a once-in-a-lifetime gift!

A fun morning rooftop garden set the perfect backdrop for our Thailand adventure photoshoot.  These girls….whether in the backwoods of the Carolinas…..or the suburbs of Missouri….or city-slicking it in Bangkok…..they are happiest when they are together!

Special thanks to Maggies momma Faith who labored in love to make these adorable matching “heart sister” outfits.  LOVED how perfect the colors coordinated with the location.  Stunning!  When the girls wore these outfits out shopping at a craft market a couple hours later, there was a vendor who approached Faith about making and supplying the cute skirts for her shop.  International import business?  Sounds good to me if it means regular visits from Faith!! 🙂

And my talented friend at Jax and Jewels made the fun, funky necklaces….you must check them out!  She custom designs for any outfit or special occasion.  Give her the color scheme and she’ll work her magic.  Every little girl needs some bling!












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