Christmas Festivities

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas weekend dawned clear with snowshowers forecasted for Christmas day.

With C’s parents and siblings, we visited a local Alzheimer’s home and sang Christmas carols to the residents on Christmas Eve.

The patients were so dear singing along and eager to hold the hands of the children and talk about their own grands and great-grands!

We attended a beautiful candlelit Christmas Eve service before enjoying dinner at a Japanese Steak house together as a family. Then it was cake at Grandma’s house to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday with the cousins!

Christmas morning in the pajamas Santa left the night before.

After stockings….

….Britain and Izzy got a huge pink gift bag that contained…..
….drumroll please…..
A kitten with a big pink bow around her neck!! Britain’s reaction was priceless!
I cant believe my wish came true!”
Dont you think we need a little more excitement at our house?
(What was I thinking??)

Punkin’ Pie has found a very happy and affectionate home with us!

Sweet Tristan used his own hard earned money to buy silly string for all his sisters and his cousins. After lunch on Christmas, we had a war in Grandpa’s backyard.

Absolute delighted mayhem!

My girls and cousin Savvy in the Indian princess outfits Grandma gifted them.

And to polish off a perfect weekend, we had the first “White Christmas” that I remember in my lifetime!

I was clearly very content to spend the entire weekend behind the camera. When it comes to snow, Im happy to snap a few pictures and then be the one inside keeping the fire going and making the hot chocolate and soup!

  • Danielle says:

    Seriously….a kitten??? Don’t Patti and Dwight still have your dog?? Too funny!!!!!

  • Donna says:

    Every picture is a Norman Rockwell bit of time that is captured by your camera. I think as a mom, that it is such a wonderful tool to capture these moments so that when you are my age you can look at them and sigh…where did their sweet lives go?? Sorry, don’t mean to be maudlin…but those photos are just marvelous! The thoughtful singers, cute in green…the darling girls in pink…the onery kids with silly string…the beautiful children about to have a new sibling. Wonderful times, Mandy!!! Happy New Years!!

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