Hair & Make Up Artist Christina Maria Pintea

Sunday, June 7, 2015


As a photographer, I get anxious women all the time who are nervous about going in front of the camera. Because as mom’s we find our place much more comfortably behind the camera. But when it comes down to needing family photos, women want to feel their best and go into a photoshoot confident and feeling beautiful.

The comments I get all the time from women are pretty standard…
“Can you take 10 years, or 10 lbs off of me with photoshop?”

No one is more surprised than they are when they get their final images and love the way they look (and pst…..I don’t do any fancy age-reduction in photoshop!!)
But there is something beautiful and confident about venturing out from behind the camera and getting into photos with your kids that you will forever cherish.

That being said, I have begun recommending to women that they go do something fun the day of a shoot….get their hair and make-up done before photos. Because lets be honest, we just feel a little prettier if we get a little pampering and this lets women go into family photos feeling “put together” and not quite as frazzled.

I met a new friend Christina whom Id heard recommended as a fabulously talented make up artist. She offered to come and do a couple trial “looks” on me so I could experience her expertise and get an idea of her services that I wanted to recommend to clients. And, since another photog friend offered to do head shots for me, I made my way (tentatively) out from my comfort zone behind my lens and got a fun fresh look and some head shots for my business site.



Cannot recommend Christina enough.  She was so thorough, asking lots of questions and requesting examples of styles I like before starting.  We all know the “prom nightmare” of getting hair and make up done  for a special event that ends up needing to be re-done because the beehive wasn’t exactly what you were striving for!  Christina totally put me at ease tho and made sure every step of the way that we were headed in the right direction with a style that “fit” me!   Her all natural products made a noticeable difference in how it felt to wear make up and she gave me some great tips as she worked on how I can keep hair and skin healthy.  Cannot recommend her more highly and Im excited to send clients to her with my unreserved recommendation!!  Her skill and expertise speaks for itself….I mean, I think she even made me look pretty good:)

Will be sending clients her way to check out her work and book her for hair and make up before their shoots!!

Check out her website
and her Facebook Portfolio Page






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