Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Tristan attended a day camp last week with one of his best buddies Seth.
Having him with me 24/7 since he’s homeschooled, meant this was the first time Id ever left him with someone other than grandparents or aunties or an occasional babysitter whom Id done extensive background checks on:-)
I got him hooked up with his counselor and was waiting to see if the camp directors had any further instructions for us parents.
“Bye mom” he said with a smile.
“That’s your cue” another mom muttered grabbing my elbow and directing me to my car before I did something to embarrass him.
A lump formed in my throat watching him in the rear-view mirror Monday morning.
He had an overall great experience and came home every night covered in mud and sweat and absolutely exhausted but full of stories! He told his friend’s mom,
“You know, I always have sisters around, this is good to have some time just with guys”.
….so true!

The girls waved him off every morning as if he’d be gone a month. Evie asked about him all day long.
“When Tis-tin come home?
Then she’d wait by the door and wrap her chubby arms around his neck as soon as he walked in! She ADORES her big brother. And he eats it up!
I was putting the girls to bed one night and then came into Tristan’s room to find Evie in his bed with him. They were talking all about their day and Tristan was telling her stories about camp and the lake ninja that lurks the murky waters. I decided I’d give them a few moments. I finished the dinner dishes then came back to find this.
….too cute for words!

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