Britain’s Housewarming Party

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
The Craftsman…

His masterpiece…

The very surprised little birthday girl….

Britain’s personal interior decorator (aka Grandmoni) helping with wallpaper….

A housewarming party to celebrate…

With sweet friends gathered….

And treats to go around…

We love an excuse to have tea and cake, can you tell?

6th Birthday’s are a big one at our house. My grandfather started the tradition when I (his first of four grandaughters) turned 6. He crafted a beautiful dollhouse and surprised me for my birthday and then continued the tradition with my three sisters. Abi got my childhood dollhouse and C has taken on the mantel with our other girls. The box said 30 hours of assembly…..Im quite sure it was supposed to say 30 days!
A true labor of love!

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