Bridesmaids, Bachelorette Bash and Brunch

Monday, October 7, 2013
With no less than a gazillion photos and extensive collection of memoirs I wanted to share, I thought Id do a series of “wedding posts” to document my lovely sisters wedding weekend…..
Id been eagerly anticipating my trip back for the wedding.  A week of bliss.  No children.  Just hours of girl-time preparing for this blessed event…..helping her pack for the honeymoon…..sleeping off jet-lag in my mommas beautiful home……last minute wedding prep and decorating and frenzied fun…..and of course a couple trips to Chic-fil-A for my lemonade fix!
  But my exit from Bangkok was not quite as seamless as Id envisioned.
The day I was supposed to fly out, I took Gigi to the doctor to get her something for a “cold” before I left town.  What I thought would be an 45 minute doctor visit turned into a 3 day hospitalization for pneumonia.  

Rebooked the ticket
Paid the change fee
Wasted hours on the phone with Delta
(But, by Jove!!….I was not going to miss this wedding!)
…..and eventually departed mere hours after being discharged from the hospital.
I was praying so hard that Gigi would be well enough for me to leave her.  Couldnt imagine missing my sisters wedding, but had my doubts for a couple days.  What an answer to prayer when her lungs began to clear!
It was rough on my momma heart to be leaving a still rather-sick baby.  But C was awesome and managed beautifully (including taking care of two other kids who came down with the stomach flu during my absence……yuck!)  
Im pretty sure he is not letting me leave again for many years!!
It meant a very short time in the States and a rather jet-lagged bridesmaid, but every moment was treasured and precious!

The festivities began with decorating the site of the reception on Thursday.  
Oh the character of this place!! It was absolutely breathtaking!
(cant wait to share pics later!)

Then it was time for some pampering – mani’s and pedis for all the girls before Diana’s bachelorette party!  
We may be responsible for reports of mayhem in the Atlanta area involving scads of girls doing ridiculous things for a scavenger hunt.

What a night!  MUCH laughter and celebration with an awesome group of girls!
My sister is 10 years younger than me, so it was tremendously fun to meet high-school and college friends that Ive heard about for years but never met.  

Just have to share a pic of these cookies my friend made for her shower that night.  The cookie enthusiast must check out Cakey Bakey!!  I adore this lady….she has offered to make cookies for a dozen family birthdays and functions.  And every whacky and crazy request I make, she exquisitely accommodates.  Check these out!!

 This girl!  Oh I love her cute, spunky, quirky self! 🙂
No one can make me laugh like she does!

My beautiful sistas and I.  
How I miss them living a million miles away!
The fun continued at a quaint cafe for a bridesmaids brunch the next day on the town square.

Diana and Mother

Aunt Diana and her namesake Diana
Mother and her girls 

I got precious little sleep during my 5 days back home.  
But, who needs sleep when you are having this much fun?
More wedding overload tomorrow.  
Its nearly midnight here, so Id better get my “Monday” post in quick:)

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