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Monday, March 26, 2012
I put some serious time in with my Nikon this weekend starting with this fun gig photographing for Dayspring Dresses new spring line with my girls and ending with 19 kids and baby chicks for Easter Sessions (…now that was a crazy fun day….and a post in itself).
It was such an honor to be part of a collaboration between some super cute boutiques….Dayspring Dresses, Sprinkling Beaded Necklaces, Chic Headbands and Sox that Rock.  I had the best time with this shoot!
When the designs were in the works, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I had this wild idea in my head of a pink mirrored dresser out in the middle of a field and the girls “primping” in front of it.  (Mind you, Id never seen a pink dresser like I had envisioned.)
I practically veered into oncoming traffic the other day when I saw this little beauty in a storefront window while I was driving out in “the sticks” of South Carolina. 

 Exactly what I’d been looking for!  The gracious owner of The Painted Lady store welcomed me in where I found a treasure trove of unique vintage chic antiques.  This my friends is the coolest antique shop I have ever been to….hands down!  My new friend Sharon showed me a plethora of shabby-chic refurbished furniture that is just stunning! Dressers.  Beds.  Chairs.  Benches.  Frames. She takes old antique pieces, splashes some bold paint colors on them, artfully distresses them and insures that every last detail is perfectly posh. Like the lime green buffet with crystal knobs and funky zebra shelf paper lining the drawers.  Oh so fun!
I came home and told C that I’d found someone as artistically crazy as me, because she was totally game for my ridiculous idea of hauling her furniture in and out (of the rain as luck would have it) for a fun photo shoot.  The Painted Lady is a store I plan to frequent and props you will see often in upcoming shoots.  And if you’re lucky enough to live in the area, you’ve got to check it out!

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