Monday, January 4, 2010

Parenting advice = you gotta learn to laugh!

The following conversation left me both disturbed and sputtering on my drink because I was laughing so hard.

Isabelle, our four year old, had a runny nose and I told her she needed a kleenex.
With eyebrows raised in obvious distain, she retorted;
Guess what mommy? I saw Britain wipe a booger on her pants yesterday. Dat be di-custing!”
“Yes Izzy, that is disgusting”
Looking back now, the idiocy of my inquiry slaps me in the face, but it seemed a teachable moment at the time. So I asked…..I shouldn’t have, but I asked the question you should never ask a toddler as I handed her a tissue.
“Where should we put boogers Izzy”
Still appaled that her sister could be so un-kosher, she nooded her head sincerely replying;
In our mouth!”
…………….I asked. My bad!
No. My children have impeccable manners and know the function of a handkerchief. They would never, never do something so atrocious as the aforementioned. And I certainly would never blog about it because I found it wildly funny. Not me!

There are plenty of books and articles and experts offering more sound advise than I on how to be a great mother.  Without question, it is by the grace of God and total reliance on him that we (or our kids) survive.
But as for me, a sure way to survive our insane days with 5 is to learn to laugh!
Strap on your sense of humor if you want to have kids – you’re gonna need it.
Some days, laughing is the only thing that keeps you from crying!
Buckle up!

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