Bonded Hearts

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Our trip to Missouri was postponed earlier this month due to Abi’s appendectomy.  But, the anticipation was SO worth the wait!  I flew out with Izzy, Evie and Gigi to visit some very special friends that you may remember from here……..or here.

Our girls share special hearts….and special names!

The two Evie’s
Between Faith’s mom (who is a fabulous photographer-mentor) and my clicking camera, it was a well documented visit:) 

Maggie’s big brother Trent was a great sport about the 5 girls (age 5 and under) that occupied his home for 4 days! 

There were certainly some “Hallmark” moments…

Upon our arrival at the St. Louis airport, Evie and Maggie spotted eachother from 50 feet away and went sprinting into eachothers arms where they embraced cheek to cheek and heart-to-heart for no less than a minute.  It was PRECIOUS!  These tow are like sisters….for so many reasons!

Then the next day about had Faith and I in tears.  The girls were all playing dress-up in their room while Faith and I sat on the floor and visited.  Maggie was wearing a v-cut low neckline Rupunzel dress.  Mind you, we have had lots of discussions about how Maggie and Evie’s hearts are similar, and Evie has prayed for Maggie through surgeries, but somehow, she hadnt connected the dots…

Evie looked at Maggie and stared.  She walked up to her and pointed at the silver scar peeking above the neckline and compassionately, inquisitively asked; “you have heart surgewy too?
It was the first time Evie has ever met anyone she could “identify” with.  The first time she’d seen another “zipper” on someone else.  It was so dear…and sad…and sweet…and sobering all at once.  The girls “compared” scars, and went back to playing the part of the princesses that they are.

These two.  You cant help but be amazed when you watch them….these sweet girls who have beat all odds, endured unimaginable pain, been covered by uncountable prayers, overcome unbelievable hurdles and brought incomparable joy.  Our “blue babies” shrouded in PINK!  What delight to their momma’s hearts!  Thank you Jesus!!

We packed about as much fun into 4 days as is humanly possible.  
Gigi got LOTS of attention from Evie
The St. Louis Zoo certainly left something to be desired in our tiny Columbia zoo….afraid Im spoiled now.  Spent a beautiful day strolling the grounds and picnicking.  
Our tired bunch doing their animal impersonations.
Faith’s dad has ponies that were one of the highlights of the trip for Evie.  “Papa” brought a miniature over for a ride and Evie just beamed the entire time.  

Just her size!!
Izzy’s turn on Gidget
Bonfire, S’mores and a gorgeous sunset wrapped up a beautiful evening in “the country”.

Little Evie

It was a treat to get to celebrate Maggie and Evie’s birthdays (these sisters have birthdays just a day apart) while we were there with a darling Minnie Mouse themed celebration.  Did I mention, in addition to being an amazing photographer, Faiths mom SEWS?  Aren’t these dresses cute?!?!

  Maggie’s Make A Wish trip is in just a couple weeks, so Disney was an appropriate theme this year.  Faith and I even got in a little “Pinterest-project” with this cute cake and monogramed cupcakes.  FUN!

Thanking God for the friendships that transcend time and distance and the tie that binds our hearts in Him!!
…and for our precious miracles that remind us daily of His goodness and grace!

  • Donna says:

    What a wonderful trip and touching post, Mandy! They both look so very healthy (not to mention beautiful…) that you would never know the rough beginning. Hopefully the rest of their lives are also. You are right, times like these make you so appreciative for your children. I almost lost my sons as infants due to prematurity and my daughter due to a placenta that was separating and cord around her neck. It left me with an appreciation of their lives every day. Looks like your trip was just perfect!!!

  • Rachel C says:


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