Boast Post

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Yep.  Proud momma here!  See that boy?  He’s pretty much my favorite son!
Mom!  Im your only son” he says with a roll of his eyes.
True, but I doubt it would make a difference.  This firstborn boy has a special place in my heart…..and a crucial place on this team!
What an awesome last game!  If I was that mom….you know, that mom (shouting until I was hoarse and jumping up and down) on the sidelines of an 8-9 league, imagine what a fool Ill be when he makes it to the World Cup:)
Tristan had scored both of our teams 2 points at the end of the 4th quarter which had us tied at a stalemate for our last game.  The coaches agreed to two more short quarters to duke it out.  Guess who beautifully shot the winning goal right past the goalie in the last minute of the game clinching a win for our team?…..
Thats my boy!!

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