Tuesday, November 17, 2009
We’ve recently noticed grumbling and complaining around here. I sure it never happens with your kids, but we’ve had a bad run of the bug at our house.
To try and build up an immunity to this “infection” we’ve been looking for blessings. Its become a little tradition that every night before bed, we share what gifts God has given us each day. Tristan’s “blessings” are typically in the form of creepy crawlies and snakes and frogs that I wouldn’t necessarily chalk up on my list of blessings, but it has instilled a sense of expectancy. We’re trying to spend our days looking for the little surprises God is giving us rather than focusing on what we want and don’t have.
Then one morning I called the kids down early to see this amazing sunrise! (There was more than one moment that day that I wished I had let them sleep the extra 15 minutes) but Isabelle’s reaction made it worthwhile. The picture just doesn’t even do it justice. The pinks and bursts of orange just radiated off the lake in a golden hue. Isabelle, still groggy from sleep and in her fuzzy cupcake pajamas walked out on our porch and exclaimed,
“Ooh look! God gave me a b’essing!”

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