Bless This Mess

Sunday, November 24, 2013
And THIS is precisely why my floor needs mopped every. single. day!!
Due to dusty, polluted Bangkok….and the 60 little dirty toes that trod through my apartment, my floor stays clean for blessed seconds.  
And then its a blessed mess again.
Thanking God for dirty feet today.
It won’t always be so….and someday, when my home remains spotless and there are no peanut butter smears on the windows….and dirty footprints on my sofa…someday I will miss this tremendously!

  • Laurie O says:

    Hug your mom for me, please. I love her and am praying for her every day! (And say hi to your dad too, of course.) Enjoy the extra help, laughter and companionship in the house.

    Love, Laurie

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