Birthday Buddies

Monday, September 22, 2014

September is Birthday Season in our family.
Growing up, I had a brother who had a birthday 5 days after mine.
And then, on my 14th birthday, my baby sister was born ON my birthday.

So it was no surprise when we were pregnant with our 3rd born that her calculated due date was spot on my birthday too.  She went 4 days post-date so that she could have her own day!

This year, since C was leaving town for two weeks over both of our birthdays, he treated us to something special a few days in advance.  (Britain agreed after the weekend that having a daddy who travels all the time….and accumulates points….does have its perks!)

photo 3


photo 17

On Friday, I showed up at Britain’s school, an overnight bag packed, and stole her away for some special girl-time.  She had little envelope clues she had to open with special gifts or hints inside.  Such a treat for me to have my big-girl on her own and get to spoil her a bit.  Made me realize how much my “big kids” have had to grow up with there always being a “little kid” competing for moms attention and lap.  We lounged by the pool….stayed up late…..ate popcorn in bed and watched Master Chef…..and she got a luxurious bubble bath withOUT her 4 sister/roomates competing for bathroom time.


Chillin at the rooftop pool


Britain’s big surprise


Special dinner out


photo 14

Chicas goofing off at the mall

photo 13

Saturday morning breakfast buffet


You know its gonna be a good day when it starts with Cold Stone made-to-order ice cream!


Pampering the birthday girl

Happy Birthday little buddy.  So grateful for a chance to enjoy some one-on-one with my growing girl.  You are a delight to your daddy and I and we thank God for the precious ways you display His love to those around you. Don’t let anything rattle your confidence and resolve.  Your strength and dignity are qualities you possess in abundance with such grace!  May you ever stand strong in the Truth and shine brightly!  So glad you’re sandwiched so perfectly in the middle of our family!  Love you Boo!!

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