Ballerina Charlie Photoshoot

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Like every little girl, I had aspirations of being a prima ballerina.  What is it about satin slippers and shimmery tutus?  I devoted nearly 15 years to intensive study.  My feet are forever ruined, but to this day, I still find myself moved by classical music and am lulled into step at times!  I taught for a while, but it has been quite some time now since Ive taken up my pointé shoes or had a proper barré workout.
Fast-forward a few years to a new city, new lifestyle, and a new profession.  Of course I jumped leaped at the opportunity to get behind the camera for a gorgeous photoshoot staring the principal dancer in this years Nutcracker performance.  Charlie was an absolute delight and despite being super sick, carried on in the true fashion of show-biz!  Think we captured some beautiful images of this talented young lady!!










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