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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The conversation in the play room drew my attention….
The girls were playing with their dolls and I heard them chatting casually about “baby” needing a heart transplant.
By the time I snatched up my camera and entered the “OR”, the dolls has been cast to the side and Evie had assumed the position as patient with a solemn face and blanket in arm.
A bucket of legos were the “surgery tools” and Britain and Izzy worked together as nurses to perform the procedure.
They “drew blood” and put her hands in socks and strapped them to her side.
Izzy even had a pencil and paper she was taking notes with. I almost choked when I heard her asking Evie if she had any “allergies”.
It reminded me of the scene from Anne of Green Gabled where Anne, Diana, Josie Pye and Jane Andrews reenacted Tennyson’s “Lady of Shalott” with such devout sincerity.
My three knew their roles and played them with great zeal.
I wished I could say the dramatization was simply birthed out of wild imaginations.
But such is not the case.
All have had to grow up in a sense because of the life Evie has had.
They’ve held her hand through countless blood draws
They’ve been exposed to heartache, loss and pain.
They’ve observed painful procedures.
But nothing is lost with the Lord. I know He will use these things….these hard things….to give them tender hearts to those in pain. They have learned compassion at a young age. I cant wait to see what He births in their hearts as a result.

  • Crystal... says:

    Oh my.. those little girls will grow with amazing medical knowledge… and poor Evie.. her face has the look like “here we go again..”

  • Lacey says:

    It amazes me what our children soak in with a baby brother like Jax. Mondo is practically an RN. He feeds Jax, suctions him, and he even gives him his shot!

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