Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thanks for all your prayers for our family these past few days. It’s been very taxing for everybody, but God has given us such a grace through dear family and friends who have cared for our other children, brought meals, visited and prayed for Abi.

Surgery yesterday went as expected. The pathology report actually just came back a couple moments ago confirming what was supected = Acute Appendicitis
(so we’re glad they took out something that “needed” to be removed:)

We weren’t really prepared for the intensity of pain she would deal with post-op. We were so optimistic about appendix pain being removed, but didn’t anticipate trading the pain for another. She has had a much harder time than we expected. It’s so unusual for our normally sweet, smily, talkative, gracious, kind daughter to be so irritable and short. She will only give nurses nods and one-word-answers. They all keep asking if she’s a really quiet child.
We miss her smile!
C keeps telling me that she’s acting exactly like I do when I’m in labor….impossible to help. Ha!!

She had a hard time last night. We thought we were going to be discharged this morning, but they wanted her eating and walking a little first. Daddy was here today to help give her the gentle “push” she needed and took her on a lap around the children’s wing this morning. She protested, but reluctantly tried. She’s slow and shuffling and bent over like a scoliosis patient. It doesn’t take much to completely wear her out. We’re having a hard time getting her to drink and she has only eaten a chicken nugget and 3 bites of ice cream since surgery. So, they decided to keep her another night on IV fluids to gain strength and rest and heal. Hopefully tomorrow….

C stayed with her so I could pick Britain and Tristan up from school (hadnt seen them since Sunday). Brought all the kiddos to visit Abi this afternoon. Tristan has been so sweet and concerned about his sister and said “Mom, I think I’m gonna have to stay close to her when she comes back to school to make sure she’s ok”.
Best brother ever!
He was pretty bummed tho when he saw all the wii games in the kids corner of the hospital and all the ice cream and Popsicles in the fridge that Abi isn’t even enjoying.
“What a waste” he said!

Just settled down with her watching Soul Surfer, and she asked me to paint her toenails with the new polish Izzy brought to give her today….so that’s a good sign.
A very good sign.
Getting my girly-girl back!

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