Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Three kids throwing up over the weekend and temperatures spiking to 103. First thing Monday morning, I was on the phone with our pediatrician.
Tristan who was too sick for oatmeal waited until after Id cleaned the breakfast dishes and started on Phonics with Abi to decide he did want some breakfast. One piece of toast and a juice coming right up.
The sick babies laid on the couch and I let the TV babysit while I tried to get through our quarterly conference online with our Charter School Counselor.
When I moved the laundry from the washer to the drier, I realized my colossal mistake of washing colors in hot water. Cute new shirt….ruined!
Evie spilled her “spillproof” cup on the floor.
Izzy puked…remarkably in the toilet.
At 12:40 I was rushing the kids out the door to our scheduled Dr. appointment and realized Tristan was still in his pajamas.
While Izzy was putting on her shoes to leave the house, she managed to poke her eye.
How we dont know. No one is confessing and she’s not telling.
The doctor ordered three bottles of pink medicine to combat the infectious crummy tummies. He then took a look at Izzy’s eye which was weeping non-stop.
And proceeded to write a script for antibiotic drops.
For a scratched cornea!

Grandma picked up sassy new sunglasses to protect her eyes. We asked her what would make her feel better. She said if we would call her “princess” and buy her a shake.
Wish granted!
But she didnt feel better. Lil’ bit cried herself to sleep tonight.
……and I just might too!

  • Jess says:

    Oh, I just knew something was wrong! I hope they all feel better and give them all hugs from us!
    Jess and Lorelei

  • So sorry to hear about your sad day; hope all the kiddos are doing better, and you haven’t “cried” too much!

  • Mandi says:

    I’m so sorry, Mandy. I can only imagine how days like that must be! I’ll pray for you this morning.

    BTW, what book were you referencing in your last post? I would love to read it, as submission is a daily battle for me. Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you about a study that has been challenging and encouraging me lately. It’s called Wisdom for Mothers by Denise Glenn (mother of Danielle Glenn from Caedmon’s Call), and there’s another study called Freedom for Mothers that I’m currently in the middle of. Anyway, I thought of you recently as I was doing my study, because I learned that Wisdom for Mothers has been translated into Russian. Regardless of if you ever return to Ukraine, you may still enjoy the study. 🙂

  • Wow, that’s tough! I hope your kids feel better soon and that you get some much-needed rest!

  • Lacey says:

    Oh poor babies! I hate tummy bugs, maybe because I have to keep buckets everywhere to prevent ruined floors! I hope they feel better soon!

  • Josie says:

    awww, poor babies. I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. You didnt tell me any of this yesterday. sorry, i probably wasnt helping by calling. =( I’ll be praying for all y’all. wish i could be there to help snuggle babies! love ya.

  • The Carter's says:

    Oh, I hope today is a better day!

    Big hugs to everyone, and especially you! 🙂

  • Rebecca says:

    Hoping the sunshine is shining very, very soon!!!

    Love to you & kisses to those sweet babies~ Rebecca

  • C~ says:

    good night, girl!!! …and i thought i had something to whine about this weekend. you got me topped by a loooong shot. poor babies. poor, poor mommy! things can only go up from here!

  • daysease says:

    Oh, wow, that is a really crazy day. I hope you all feel better very soon. May the Lord encourage you and fill your heart with His joy and peace and hope… May He grant you an extra measure of rest and a bit of sweet beauty that is out of the ordinary and speaks like a sweet love letter from Him…

    I do understand how it goes, and I know it will pass soon. On vomitting… I am So OVER rushing to the bathroom to accomplish that. Now, when I know that my kids have a virus of that sort, I hand them a bowl. they carry it with them wherever they go, and they know just what to do. When my daughter was three, she caught on really fast as well. I cannot do the same with my 2 year old though. I just chase after him with a bowl myself and keep my ears open for that first gag. 🙂 it has really relieved a lot of stress. AND, when they are near a bathroom to get to it on time, I have them aim for the TUB. Bigger to aim for and all splashes stay in too. For me, it is easier. I don’t stress as much about that “season” now. Not comfortable of course, but we manage.

  • shannon says:

    oh boy. despite the title of the blog (and sing reference), I can’t help want to sing ‘mama said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, my mama said.’

    hope your week has gotten better. and you know what, my eye hurts too, and I like chocolate flavored shakes 🙂

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